1. Pre-lit with Color Changing LEDs.

No more wrestling with tangled string lights! This tree comes pre-lit with 2,000+ LEDs (7.5 ft model) or 3,000+ LEDs (9 ft model) that change color with the remote.

2. It's incredibly  realistic looking

Made with realistic branch tips and flocked with faux snow, this tree is sure to fool even the most discerning eye.

3. It's easy to assemble

This tree comes in sections that easily snap together, making setup a breeze.

4. It's affordable

The 7.5 ft model retails for $399, while the 9 ft model retails for $499. That's a great price for a pre-lit tree of this quality.

5. It's full and lush

With over 3,000 branch tips (7.5 ft model) or 4,000 branch tips (9 ft model), this tree provides ample space for all your ornaments.

6. It's durable.

This tree is built to last, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

7. It's versatile

The color-changing lights allow you to create a variety of looks, from traditional Christmas cheer to a more modern and festive atmosphere.

8. It's energy-efficient

The LED lights use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, so you can save money on your electricity bill.

9. It's popular for a reason

This tree has gone viral for a reason! Thousands of people are loving it and sharing their positive experiences online.

10. Add holiday cheer to your  home effortlessly.

This beautiful tree is sure to be the centerpiece of your holiday decorations.