Merry Christmas Facebook Timeline Covers 2024

Facebook Timeline has a big cover photo which is a focus point of any profile, page or group. You can update your Fb cover photo frequently. Now Christmas is up and it is perfect time to update your timeline cover picture. I have collected best quality Christmas Facebook Covers for your profiles. It is another way to offer greetings to all the visitors, and friends who come into your timeline page. Have a look on 2024 Xmas FB cover banners.

merry christmas images for facebook timeline

Stylish Cover with wooden Banner with Glitter

merry christmas photos for facebook

Xmas Tree on banner with Cold Snowfall background

merry christmas facebook status

Best Christmas FB Cover Photos

These Christmas covers are created according to traditional theme of Xmas in the USA and all over the world. You can use these banners on Google plus, Twitter and on any other website that allow you to change your timeline covers. Some cover pictures have ornaments, lighting, and Xmas trees and some of them have greeting quotes written with beautiful fancy fonts. I hope you will like these images very much.

Angel Style image, wishes written on Sky with moon light!

christmas timeline covers for facebook free

Romantic Cover banner for Xmas with Heart Shape Design

facebook timeline cover maker

Santa Christmas Banner Cover 2024facebook timeline cover photo

Funny Xmas Facebook Covers:

To make fun with your friends and wish them in a unique style, I would recommend you to use very funny images and FB covers that will make your friends laugh and force them to like and comment on your update cover status. I hope these banner images will help you to wish everyone around you.

White, Silver and red Ornaments embossed with your personalized messages on Fb covers! 

facebook timeline covers lyrics

Cute Christmas Banner with nature background perfect for Fb profiles

facebook timeline covers templates

free christmas facebook cover photos

Best banner to Wish Merry Christmas with Gifts and lots of other stuff and ornaments 

free christmas pictures for facebook

merry christmas banners for facebook

Have a Wonderful Xmas banner with colorful Candles

merry christmas facebook covers images

Purple and Blue Snow with a charming Xmas tree – Awesome Banner

merry christmas facebook status

Golden Themed banner / header to send greetings to your loved ones via Facebook.

merry christmas images for facebook timeline

Dark brown wooden background wishing banner – Merry Christmas Fb cover picture

merry christmas photos for facebook

merry christmas pictures for facebook

I hope you like these cover photos. These are enough to inspire your relatives, friends and followers. So if you really care about your social image then these banners or header are for you. Choose any of them and feel free to use them on groups, profiles and pages. Cheers:)