100 Short New Year 2025 Messages in 140 Characters (X Status)

Find the latest trending Happy New Year 2025 status collection to tweet or update your status on Twitter (Now known as X). As you know Twitter is a very popular micro-social network and it does not allow you to broadcast more than 140 characters in s single tweet so to wish your fans and followers you need to be more clever to the point, still, you need to deliver your feelings and wish your fans and followers a very Happy New Year 2025 with joy and happiness.

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Let’s check them below and update your tweet to wish. If you are a celebrity, politician, or any famous personality, you should publish some eye-catching images and unique statuses for your fans that can be highlighted and make you more famous among your followers.

Happy New Year 2025 X (Formally known as Twitter) Statuses

  1. I wish you a very Happy New Year 2025 with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

  2. New Year has brought with it loads of opportunities to become the human being you have always wanted to be.

  3. Forget past, forget worries & start again a fresh. The New Year will turn the most successful one you have ever lived.

  4. May this new year brings all the crazy colors and fun in your life.

  5. Special mοments spent tοgether, with yοu, My Βest friend, and Ι miss you Α Lot this Νew year! Wish yοu a very Ηappy New Year 2025

  6. New Year unfolds new horizons to find again the strength hidden in us. Enjoy the New Year coming ahead.

  7. Α glass full οf water, Α mug full οf bear, Ι want tο say to yοu my dear, Happy Νew Year 2025

Short One Liner New Year Wishes and Greetings under 140 Words

  1. Cheers to new beginnings! #Hello2025

  2. Out with the old, in with the new. Welcome to 2025!

  3. Let’s make 2025 amazing! #NewYear

  4. Bring it on 2025! Ready for new adventures.

  5. Time to shine in 2025! #NewYearVibes

  6. Say yes to new possibilities in 2025!

  7. This is OUR year! Ready for 2025.

  8. Goodbye 2023, hello future 2025! #NewYear

  9. Manifesting magic & dreams in 2025! #NewYearGoals

  10. Ready for new memories & new dreams! #2025

  11. Out with worries, in with hope. #2025YearOfHope

  12. May your heart & home be filled with joy in 2025!

  13. Wishing you your best year yet in 2025! #HappyNewYear

  14. Let’s make 2025 unforgettable!

  15. Cheers to leaving worries behind in 2025!

  16. Happiness awaits in 2025! #NewYearSameMe

  17. This is YOUR year! Shine bright in 2025.

  18. Live fully & fearlessly in 2025! #NewYearMotivation

  19. Welcome to your year! 2025 is yours.

  20. Say yes to life’s adventures in 2025! #NewYear

  21. Love deeply, live boldly in 2025! #TwentyTwentyFour

  22. Let yourself be happy in 2025!

  23. Laugh more in 2025! #NewYearWish

  24. Good vibes only in 2025 please!

  25. Chase dreams without fear in 2025!

  26. Make self-care a priority in 2025! #NewYearGoals

  27. Level up in 2025! #NewYearNewMe

  28. Choose joy & positivity in 2025! #NewPerspective

  29. Focus on living fully in 2025! #Mindfulness

  30. Wishing you health & happiness in 2025!

  31. Out with negative, in with positive in 2025!

  32. Be brave, take risks, enjoy life in 2025!

  33. Wishing you love & laughter in 2025!

  34. Follow your heart this year! #TwentyTwentyFour

  35. Embrace your inner magic in 2025! #Believe

  36. Time to thrive in 2025! #NewYearSameDreams

  37. Make every moment matter in 2025!

  38. Spread more kindness in 2025! #Goals

  39. Don’t look back, 2025’s a new day!

  40. Say yes to growth in 2025! #Mindset

  41. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone – step out in 2025!

  42. Out with fear, in with faith in 2025. You got this!

  43. Happiness is a choice. Choose wisely in 2025!

  44. New year, new you! Reinvent yourself in 2025!

  45. Love yourself first in 2025! #SelfCare

  46. Progress, not perfection in 2025!

  47. Level up & power up in 2025!

  48. Be bold, dream big in 2025!

  49. Make it your best year yet in 2025!

  50. Chase dreams, not drama in 2025!

  51. Shine bright like the diamond you are in 2025!

  52. Success is the best revenge – go get it in 2025!

  53. Adventure awaits in 2025 – go explore!

  54. Don’t stop until you’re proud in 2025!

  55. You got this! Make 2025 yours!

Twitter One Line Wishing Messages to Wish your Followers Xmas and New Year 2025 in advance with Images

Happy New Year 2025 is set and it’s time to wish everyone and share the happiness to celebrate this mega holiday event this winter. Find the New Year’s wishes quotes and greeting under 140 characters in English. SMS are many micro-social networking sites like Twitter does allow you to publish more than 140 characters so you need to be more clever while tweeting or sending your wishes.

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It is a good idea to use small quotes and greeting to write and share to say Happy New year 2025 because, in this busy world, no one wants to read lengthy paragraphs, everyone prefers short and concise lines and even people prioritize images and graphics over simple text. Therefore I create some short New Year wishes and greetings and put them on images and a few of them in text format so you can easily share them as a text message or as tweets. These are small but looking best quality wishes for your fans, friends, and followers.

Short 140 Characters Wishes and Messages in Text Format:

To send all these sayings as test SMS, use the below quotations.

  • For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.

  • Cheers to a new year 2025 and another chance for us to get everything right.

  • Thanks for staying with us. We wish you a joyful new year filled with peace and gladness. We’r looking forward to seeing you again in 2025.

  • The thoughtfulness and goodwill messages and Wishes from my loved ones brighten my New Year Day.

  • We wish you a New Year filled with wonder, peace and meaning. Happy 2025! 

  • Finally the old has passed, the new is coming and I’m standing by. Happy New Year 2025!

  • We wish you abundant success and joy in your new location.

  • The stars in the sky shine so clear, I wish you a happy celebration and a happy New Year!

  • An abundance of opportunities for growth, learning, and success, a chance to make an impact and help others.

  • You are a dreamer, and you are an achiever. May you dream and achieve bigger feats, with every passing year. All the best for the New Year.