Happy New Year 2025 Handmade Card Designs, Crafts to get Ideas

Without sharing happiness we can’t celebrate New Year eve so by sharing our celebrations we enjoy this event. Sending and exchanging greeting cards is one of the most important parts of New Year 2025. Therefore, we are here to give you some ideas on card designs. Online and local shops are specially created for selling these types of products like cards and gifts but still handmade customized and personalized cards are more preferable because it shows the recipient that how much hard work you put to wish them.

Blue Cardboard handmade Card for New Year 20252016 New year handmade ggreeting cards

Handmade New Year 2025 Greeting Cards

To create handmade greeting cards, you don’t need any extra skill. You just need few things to start and at the end you will come out with a decent card. To create made made cards, you need following things:

  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Water / Paint Color
  • Cardboard
  • Glue Stick
  • Glitter Pens

Use above listed tools to create hand-made New Year card designs. Get idea from below images:

Square Cut Cover Card

handmade greeting cards happy new year

These images will give you some best DIY ideas to create your own handmade greeting cards. This is the cheapest way to design wishing cards with colors, papers, cardboard and some stitching stuff.

Design Card with Matchstick and Ribbons

New Year 2016 greeting cards

Create Card in Cap shape with Newspaper – Add Plastic Clock in front side

Vinatge New Year 2017 Countdown

New Year Cute Greeting Cards Design 2017 Painting

3D style handmade e-card

To create three dimensional greeting card, you can use pieces of foam to create fonts of your wording and then place them into flat paper. It gives you effect of embossed and 3D. See below image:

New Year Cards DIY design ideas

Wax and fabric Cards to wish New Year 2025

New Year Cards and Countdown 2017 Ideas

New Year Cards Design Ideas

New year Card covers handmade

Vintage Style Cards / Use old newspapers to design such kind of cards

New year 2017 Painting Countdown

Handmade cards New Year 2017

Cute New Year Card Design 2017