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Do you have a crush on some guy and are you too shy to admit it to him? Well at least let him know that he has a secret admirer! Why not be his secret crush! Send some secret crush quotes for him, and let him know that someone likes him. In this way you will be able to hide for identity for sometime, while he would also know that someone likes him and wants to be in a relationship with him! These quotes are surely going to attract his interest and make him curious. The suspense would make him want to find out who this secret admirer is.

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crush quotes for him

cute crush quotes for him

Send him some of the cute quotes letting him know about your feelings until you decide that you can finally tell him. Once you think you will be able to declare your feelings towards him you can then stop sending him the quotes. Meanwhile try to overcome your shyness!

Cute Secret Crush Love Quotes and Sayings

secret crush quotes

Secret Crush Quotes for Him

Secret Crush Quotes for Boyfriend with Images from Her

secret crush quotes

romantic crush quotes

Short Crush Sayings

secret crush quotes for her

Dear Crush, Love Quotes for Him

quotes about having a secret crush images

Romantic Crush Sayings for Him from Her with Couples Pics

dear crush quotes for him and her

If you have a secret crush for some guy, these love quotes are perfect for you to read, enjoy and share with him. The may give some clues to him or make you smile while reading. These are worth sharing and linking. If you really think these are awesome, tell your friends about this post and leave your reviews in comments. Use below navigation to explore more fun romantic sayings and phrases with images. Stay tuned for more updates.