15 Cutest Tweety Bird Valentine’s Pictures

Tweet bird is very innocent and cutest character and perfectly suits to any beautiful and cute girl therefore used in Valentine’s Day to wish lovers and as decoration image on valentine’s cards. I decided to start a unique concept with you and share some animated and cool tweet love images that you can utilize you wish your girlfriend on 14th Feb, 2017 via email or social media sites. WhatsApp is also great option to share gifs and animated e-cards.

1. Cute Tweety celebrating Party Image

cute tweety bird pictures

2. Big Open Eyes Yellow Tweety wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day

tweety bird valentine day

3. Small Tweety on heart shaped pink pillow

tweety bird valentine images

4. Tweety Bird as a Gift of Love and to Propose Her

tweety bird valentine pictures 2016

5. Funny Tweety wearing lawsuit – Perfect for her or him if your partner is lawyer.

tweety bird valentine pictures

6. Lovely Tweety as Auto Mechanic – Best for cars or auto lovers or Engineers

valentine tweety bird

7. Happy Valentines Day Tweety Bird with playing Arrow shooting game with love

happy birthday tweety bird images

8. Romantic Tweety with big red heart to spread love and peace in the environment!

happy valentines day tweety bird 2016

What is Tweety and why it is so famous for Valentine’s Day?

Tweety is very small, yellow color bird (duck) that is very famous because of its cuteness so if you think your partner is resembles with it, you can wish her with these images. Also you use it on Facebook while updating your Valentine Status to wish her. You can clearly seen in some pics, tweety is holding red heart to wish, in some she tries to explain cupid of Valentine’s Day. As a girlfriend, you can wish your boyfriend or husband with these images that will look so cool and he will surely inspire and think about you from your imaginations.

9. Animated Tweety with Love hearts and gift of flowers

images of tweety bird

10. Cute Sleeping Tweety looking so sweet

tweety bird happy new year pics

11. Love fight in the sky – Tweety as angel 

tweety bird happy valentine day 2016

12. Surprised Love proposal by Tweet for all valentine celebrities 


tweety bird images valentine day

13. Tweety is saying “Be Mine!” and sending you love, kisses, hugs, sweets and XOXO.

tweety bird pictures for facebook

14. Cute tweety duck on valentine’s day balloon!

valentine's tweety bird 15. Shining and Glowing outfit of tweety – A little Angel of Lovetweety bird pictures free


Animated gif Image of tweety bird 

tweety bird valentine images 2016

This is my favorite fiction character and even teenagers love it and it is consider as a sign of love and cuteness thus shared with girlfriend and wives on valentine’s day to wish them. You can even attach it in your greeting card or write your love phrases and messages over tweety heart to convey it to your lover.