Wedding Vows Quotes and Poems for Speeches

Wedding is one of the most memorable and special event of our life and we all want to make our special day remember-able where possible. We do all good arrangements for guests, give attention to everything from small to big so how we leave wedding speeches. You may need to give a small speech in your wedding event to entertain guests and to show love towards your new life partner. Some people start giving long and boring speeches that actually ruin the interest of your guests so avoid such lengthy wording. We have selected short Wedding Vows, love quotes and poems that you can add in your speech. have a look on them:

Funny Wedding Vows to say in Wedding Speech!

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Traditional Christian Wedding Vows

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This vows is perfect for your wedding anniversary speech. So if you are going to give small speech among guests, you impress them with your romantic wording to Thanks your wife with these kind words.

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Wedding Vows Quotes

Sample Wedding Vows and Quotes as Examples

This one is totally hilarious quote to say in bachelors parties. By using this, you can impress your friends and make them laugh.

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Romantic Wedding wordings and vows to show your maturity in front of your guests and relatives.

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See Some Text Format Wedding Vows:

I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love.

I promise to be your lover, companion and friend.

I promise to hold your hand every night and to never let us lose our spark.

I believe in you, the person you will grow to be and the couple we will be together.

I am sure you enjoyed these wedding speeches quotes that are too short and very interesting. if you have better vows and quotes for your special day, please share us in comments and give us a chance to appreciate your work.