Happy New Year Quotes in Spanish 2025 with English Translations

If you are English, it was difficult to wish your Spanish friends but not now because we have a great collection of Spanish Happy New Year Quotes 2025 that we create with images and you can also find the English translation of each wishing quote. To wish first of all you should know how to say happy New Year in Spanish local language. You don’t need to pronounce it, just copy the below quotes and send it to your friends.  I am sure they will be impressed when finding the wishes of New Year 2025 in their own language from a person who even doesn’t know their local language. Have a look at the below sayings.

New Year Quotes In Spanish


Vamos a despedirnos de este año con una esperanza positiva y una sonrisa en nuestras caras. Te deseo un maravilloso y feliz año nuevo querido!

English Translation:

Let’s bid goodbye to this year with positive hope and smiles on our faces.

Wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year dear!


Spanish Wishes took from the above image:

Contando mis bendiciones y deseándote más. Que tengas un próspero y feliz año nuevo, mi querido amigo.

English Translation of above Quote:

Counting my blessings and wish you more. Have a prosperous and Happy New Year, my dear friend.

This quote will give you courage, faith, and hope to pass next year with lots of success and happiness!

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Spanish New Year Quotes 2025 with Pictures

You can send it on the very first seconds of New Year, it has special wordings that give your recipient inner peace and strength to achieve bigger in his / her future.

You can send it to the most honest person in your life. Wish good sunshine and serenity like a moon for them.

This is for those who think that good time is passed, tell them you are never late. Try again to achieve your goals and fight for your rights.

How to Say “Happy New Year 2025” in Spanish:

Spanish wishes: Feliz Año Nuevo 2025

Other Quotes are in images format, feel free to share them.

These are in Spanish language, So to understand them, you need translator.

Happy new Year 2017 Wishes

Beautiful Spanish New Year Greetings 2025

  • Le deseamos año nuevo 2025.
    El 1 de enero, cuando los conjuntos y amaneceres de la Luna,
    El mundo se despertaba a un nuevo amanecer,
    Les deseo a todos mis amigos y familia en vivo y largas a
    testigo de 100 de esas madrugadas. Feliz Año Nuevo.
  • Hope this New Year bring lots of happiness and Good cheers for you. May all your dreams will come true. Have Fun 🙂

How to Say “New Year’s eve in Spanish“:

Spanish Translation: “Vispera de Año Nuevo

Foreign language messages are famous and their quotations are shared by the world every year. Hope you enjoy all these sayings and share them with your Spanish friends no matter they live in USA or Spain.