Halloween gifs are moving or animated pictures to wish and greet your friends and family “Happy Halloween” in a cool way. Static wishing and greeting images also works but not as gif images or animation works. These are type of short soundless videos which repeats scenes. On the Halloween day (Sunday, October 31 2021) world is going to celebrate it by decorating their homes with funny hooting owls, pumpkin faces and wearing horror, unusual costumes and wish everyone around them. We have some cute clip arts, gif animations and moving pics to share with your best buddies.

Have a look below:

  1. Burning pumpkin with glow 


2. Happy Halloween animated gif with dark brown glowing horror effect


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3. Happy Halloween Alien Dancing Image


Why you should use these animations to wish this Halloween Day?

Now every social site support .gif type animations so why not you are using these animated Halloween decorations to wish your friends on your walls. You can share them on Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, Whats-app, Instagram, Pinterest and all other famous social platforms. These are kind of complete Halloween greeting cards which is moving with various type of characters like witch, hallowed props, scary bats, bloody boo, funny wishes, candy animations, horror eyes, cartoon gifs, various style costumes animated images and so many others things.

4. Bundles of Pumpkin Candles on outdoor Scene


Few people like to have fun with their adult or teenage friends during Halloween parties. They share naughty Halloween gifs with each other and give big laughter’s to their friends. If you are pet lover you can share dogs, cats and carry bats gifs too. In short, we have a biggest collection of Halloween animation which are awesome to share with anyone. You can even share romantic Halloween gifs with her or him to wish your life partner in a lovely style.

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5. Rest in Peace (RIP) Deadly Grave Design Gif to wish Halloween!happy-halloween-rip-graphic

6. Halloween Animatronics Prop Style Gif:

To wish Happy Halloween to your friends, you should try these cool Halloween animatronics. These are really horror Halloween props which move and more scary than still jpeg images. Have a look on these Hd animated props we specially collected for the even 2018.


7. Trick or Treat Fast Yellow Glows from Mask


If you want to invite your friends on the Halloween party, or planning to send them a Halloween gift, don’t send them just a simple card or a gift but attach these type of emoticons and animatronics that make them scare and you all guys enjoy and have fun in the party. When you share these moving animations on your FB or Insta profile, it will go viral because of their uniqueness and horror effect.

8. Horror looking Smiles


9. Open and Close Eyes in Dark Night


10. TOT, Dancing Fonts in green shoes 🙂


11. Animated Halloween Bonfire Dancing Frame


12. Very Intense and fearful Halloween wishing Frame with animated witchhalloween-animations

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13. Most Creepy Wishes for 2021 Halloween 


14. Funny Scary Moving Pic for Halloween Event – Red Skeleton


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15. Red Moon


16. Creepy Bat is here to wish you!


17. Scary Cats / Kitty to wish you very Happy dark night .gif


17. Devil Eyes are watching you!


18. Colorful Cartoonist Art Gif to Say Happy Hallo-weenfree-animated-halloween-gif

19. Flaming Clip art for Halloween with moving pic


20. Jungle, The animated 31st, Oct Dark Coverfeliz-halloween-parpadeo-imagen

21. Hunting Cottage cute-halloween-gifs

22. Glowing and animated eCard, Can you bear it?animated-halloween-picture-frames

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