Famous Love Quotes from Movies 2019 with Pictures

Most of us, learn love from movies. We like famous dialogues which impress heroins when said by hero. These romantic wordings and quotes are not limited to Hollywood only but you can also use them in your real life to inspire your girlfriend or boyfriend. Just be careful while selection of these quotes, choose the most suitable dialogue and dedicate it to your lover. These dialogues are not just to send and impress your soulmate but you read your favorite dialogues to enjoy them as we do while watching movies. We only collected quotes and sayings from famous romantic Hollywood movies that were released in 2016 and later. I hope you enjoy each quote because we decorate each dialogue and love quote with it’s lead cast background image. Please check them below:

best love quotes from movies

Funny Love Quotes from Hollywood Movies 2016

Just Shut up! and Chill…

famous love quotes from movies

Meme from Hollywood!

famous movie quotes about Love godfather1

Short Movie Quotes about Romance for Him / Her

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Love Quotes from Movies 2015

Popular Quotes from Movie Dialogues and Songs

If yo are poem lover, you can grab poetry from songs that are so romantic to share and dedicate to your partner. yes, you are right, I am talking about lyrics of romantic songs.

Love Quotes from Movies 2016

Funny Joking Dialogues and fake memes!

love quotes from movies and songs

I am just a girl, standing in front of boy, asking him not to charge me extra!

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We collected some really sweet, famous and adorable quotes from different sources that taken from the dialogues, songs and notebooks of block baster movies. You can share these sayings with your friends and followers on your personal profiles on whats app, FB, twitter, Tumblr and other social networking sites. people always like these type of sharing and your status surely got amazing response as comments and likes. For more funny, famous and romantic quotes, continue exploring this blog Hug2Love ;).