15 Unhealthy Relationship Love Quotes with Images

Getting a true love from your partner is blessing of God but if you are confused that your boyfriend / girlfriend is a good match for you or not then you should notice few things to find the heath of your relationship. If you found unhealthy activities in your love relationship, you can leave it or heal it after analyzing the situation. Story starts when you feel uncomfortable with him or start doing too many complaints for different smaller things. Sometimes it happens because we increase our expectations from our partner or only take things negatively. But in few cases, your doubts may be clear and true. So when you suspect any kind of wrong activity in your affair, you can use these unhealthy relationship quotes to get instant results which ends with solution like your breakup or you may sort-out everything to make more strong relationship. Now it’s time to read those unhealthy love quotes:

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You are not giving me enough, may be you are giving your all to someone else!

Best unhealthy relationship quotes

Best Phrases for Wrong relationship and Love

I don’t know what happens to you, suddenly I start figuring out strange things in you. When you were with me, I was feeling as complete but now things are changed.

Bad relationship love quotes

Quotes for Weak relationships and Fake Love

Love is my weakness and but from today, I will make it my strength!

quotes about unhealthy relationships

Difference b/w Love and relationship, You should learn it and if you love me, then stay with me forever.

relationship love quotes

Precautions of Unhealthy relationships:

It is good to be as single than any unhealthy relationship because it causes headaches, stress and waste lots of time.

unhealthy love quotes for her him

Stay away from your Ego, Don’t let go you true love because of your Ego.

unhealthy love quotes

Unhealthy Love Quotes for Him and Her with Photos

unhealthy love relationships sayings

Love is very nice feeling, marriage is contract and relationships are work!

Unhealthy Relationship Love Quotes

Unhealthy Love Poems for Bad Relationships

If you think quotes are not enough to bother your partner, send them these long rhyming poems about bad relationships to get out from this. You can explain all the bad habits, give reasons to leave him and then announce that you want to get free from this bad unhealthy relation.

Unhealthy Relationship Poems about love

How Love can be Unconditional? A short Quote on it!

Unhealthy Relationship Poems about love

If you think your relationship is unhealthy, use these quotes and poems to share with your partner. It is good idea to breakup with wrong relation and move forward to get the best match of your life. When you free from one bad love, you will be able to find the next love in your life that would be without tears and fights, may give you true happiness that you deserve. I am sure you will not only like these quotations but also love to appreciate us by sharing them on Facebook, twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest like networks and leave your comments regarding this post.